It worked for Me : In Life and Leadership – Book Review

Colin Powell with Tony Koltz Born in 1937 to Jamaican immigrant parents in New York City, few people have the range of experiences of Colin Powell: from a janitor to National Security Advisor, from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to Secretary of State. Along with writer Tony Koltz, Colin Powell offers warm and engaging parables…More

Living with the Poison: Doubt and Denial in the Public Health

Noisy Summer Silent Spring, an environmental science book by Rachel Carson, published in September 1962, documented the adverse environmental effects by the indiscriminate pesticides use. Months before the publication, the book caused an uproar in response to the pre-publication excerpts in The New Yorker in the summer of 1962. The chemical industry, agriculturists, biochemists were furious and reacted…More

India and China: Will the elephant and the dragon clash in the Himalayas?

Spat on a hot tin roof In June 2020, peace and tranquillity at ‘Roof of the world’ were shattered in a fatal clash between Indian and Chinese forces at Galwan valley situated in the contentious India China Border in the Himalayas.   The border skirmishes and standoffs are not rare or unheard between any two…More